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Our recommendations

DearPerhaps our questionnaire has already got you thinking about the various aspects of your skin health.

We'll show you our recommendations for you below, based on your input.

Based on your information, your skin type, at least one or maybe two skin types. Often, the symptoms of a particular skin type go hand in hand with those of another. Take your time to look at the detailed descriptions of the different skin types that best suit you and learn why your skin behaves the way it does and what you can do for your skin.

Combination skin

Mild and effective care that gives your skin exactly what it needs to maintain a functional protective skin barrier or to help a weakened barrier become more resilient is what we show you here. You can customize LIPID GLORY products to your daily needs by determining how much moisture, protection and care you need today.

Our products are all made from ingredients that are at least certified organic or ecologically responsibly sourced.

Here you will find a selection of products that are suitable for your skin. More about the skin, our lipid barrier and care routines with our products, such as balms or oils and the importance of moisturizers can be found on our pages around the "skin knowledge".

Clay Cleanser


Balancing Toner


Hydrating Serum


Set Complete - All skin types

€109,90 €119,50/100ml

Set Complete - Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin

€89,90 €95,60/100ml

Organic Jojoba Oil


Glory Balm


Organic argan oil


Soft Balm


Pillow Spray


Organic almond oil


Organic apricot kernel oil


Room & Linen Spray



A simple and quick skincare routine doesn't have to be complicated. We have simple explanations for each step of a skincare routine and show you how to customize your skincare routine every day with our products:


The information you provide about your diet shows us the direction in which our input should go. Nutrition is crucial for healthy skin. Here is our recommendation for you:


Regular relaxation can regulate inflammation levels in the body and can effectively support your skin health. Be sure to learn more about the health benefits of intense relaxation for your well-being:


Exercise gets everything going, boosts the metabolism and ensures a sufficient supply of nutrients right down to the skin cells. Here is our recommendation on the subject of exercise for you:


It is clear that our daily life, our small and big decisions and habits affect our skin. With a little discipline and above all understanding of a holistic concept, you too can achieve small changes in everyday life.


Skin care during pregnancy and for babies requires a lot of attention, especially for what you don't need or should leave out altogether. The motto is "less is more":

If you are pregnant, our articles on the following topics may be of interest to you:
- The care of stretch marks with almond oil
- Skin care routine during pregnancy

If you are a mom of a baby or toddler, the topic of skin care might be especially important for you. in our post on this topic you will find a lot of information and tips:
- Mild skin care for babies and children