Lipid Glory is mild and effective cosmetics. And part of the holistic skin care concept of CRAFT & CARE.

The LIPID GLORY skin care products from CRAFT & CARE, are all formulated to be as mild and gentle as possible, while at the same time providing intensive care and regeneration through effective active ingredients.

LIPID GLORY protects and preserves the skin's natural protective barrier and rebalances the skin.

All the oils used, whether base or active ingredient oil, are plant-based and come from controlled organic cultivation. The water-based ingredients are also all of plant origin and are obtained in an ecologically responsible manner.

The preservation of the products is based on multifunctional active ingredients that have an antimicrobial effect in the product and on the skin, as well as moisturizing and skin care properties.

All products are lovingly handmade in small batches and are of course cruelty-free.


LIPID GLORY is natural cosmetics, but we want to distance ourselves somewhat from this term. We do not use essential oils, alcohol or other ingredients commonly found in natural cosmetics in our products. Also our multifunctional, skin-friendly preservative system for our water-based products is rather rarely found in conventional natural cosmetics.

We try to develop physical products as sustainably as possible and pay just as much attention to quality and effectiveness. Of course, our cosmetics are not tested on animals and do not contain controversial ingredients.

We use virtually no animal products, except for our popular organic beeswax in our skin care balms. Thus, we contribute to the preservation of beekeeping and at the same time can benefit from the beneficial properties of beeswax on the skin.
Our products are all formulated with love and made in small batches.

We do not use irritating or ecologically questionable ingredients just because they give the cosmetics a certain scent or they are cheaper to procure. We believe that our raw materials used, all of which are either organically grown or of natural, plant-based and sustainable origin, give our products the perfect scent.


Beautiful skin starts with a healthy barrier. If you suffer from skin problems, your barrier function is most likely compromised.

Sensitized or problematic skin does not develop overnight, but over a long period of time due to excessive exfoliation, cleansing with harsh high pH surfactants, extreme oil-free diets, use of strong acids, UV and environmental damage, and even long-term emotional stress.

A healthy, regenerative and protected skin does not require thousands and thousands of active ingredients. Our skin absolutely needs care and protection to function, but it can also be achieved with a manageable care routine that the skin becomes supple and more elastic. Time and patience are the most important active ingredients here, which are often given too little attention. The power of relaxation also has a great influence on our skin appearance. Autogenic training, for example, can activate the body's own healing powers in the long term and reduce inflammation levels to such an extent that skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and acne can heal as a result of the internal change.