At CRAFT & CARE we devote a lot of time, effort and dedication to our products. Our passion lies in the manufacture of sustainable products that are at the same time consistent with our holistic principles.

Made by hand

All LIPID GLORY products from CRAFT & CARE are lovingly produced by hand. We produce in small quantities and thus guarantee regular freshly made cosmetics for your skin.

Of course, we work like the big companies and are subject to general good manufacturing practice. With the difference that with us every single product is mixed, filled and labeled by hand.

Making cosmetics is a wonderful and relaxing process. It is balm for the soul to be able to put the finished products on the shelf after a production unit or to pack small packages and send them to customers.

Small batches for fresh cosmetics

At each stage of production, only small batches are produced. This ensures that you get fresh cosmetics that do not have a long storage time behind them or are long on a shelf.

Formulations and formulations with mild and effective ingredients

Not only our products are manufactured in our own laboratory, but also all formulas for the formulations of each product are created in-house. We use concentrations of active ingredients that are suitable for daily use and care for your skin as mildly and effectively as possible.