Consequences of excessive skin care - a full guide

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Exaggerated skin care is a widely used phenomenon under skin care enthusiasts

It's no secret that everyone wants to have flawless skin. Because we see perfect skin every day everywhere on social media, whether in the get ready with me-videos, on big posters or on filtered Instagram photos. The comparison comes quickly, and as we compare ourselves with unrealistic "models", we cut off badly.

A large number of skin care products help us to achieve the maximum benefit for our skin, right?

Well, not necessarily. If you use more products than you can count on two hands, you should rethink your skin care program.

These many products could damage the top layer of your skin. A prolonged excessive use of very effective, but harsh and irritating skin care products can lead to sensitive, dry and itchy skin, which can not retain its health. If you feel guilty of it, do not worry too much. Help your skin with a few steps, and it will reverse the damage.

As soon as you understand the cause of the problem and know how you can prevent it,you are able to get control over the situation. If you follow a few guidelines, you will be able to put your skin back into a functioning and balanced state.

A simple step, like the simplification of your skin care routine, can protect both your time and your skin.

What is excessive skin care?

The overwhelming trend of Asian skin care has brought the impression that we all need a 12-stage skin care routine. It is possible to keep the skin healthy with so many products, but not every skin tolerates that.

What is so bad about using many products?

If you exaggerate it with skin care, this can lead to more skin problems than you actually tried to prevent with a "skin care routine".

The main causes in the context of exaggerated care are cleaning products, physical scrubs and sharp acids (chemical peelings). It may surprise you that something as simple as the daily cleaning of the skin can be harmful. Nevertheless, many go for excessive facial cleaning, as this is promoted to help with achieving beautiful skin.

A recent study proves the opposite: research shows a connection between more than one daily skin cleanse and the development of rosacea. In addition the use of sharp peelings and acids can lead to a strong sensitivity of the skin.

How can skin care damage the skin barrier?

To understand how products can damage our skin, the nature of the skin barrier must be understood. The skin barrier is the top layer of the skin to which all topical skin products aim first. A healthy skin barrier is resistant and can maintain its moisture content. The maintenance of moisture in the skin ensures that the skin looks supple and healthy, and protects them from environmental influences such as rough weather or heating air.

The use of scrubbing or aggressive skin care products affects the skin barrier and causes hypersensitivity or sensitization of the skin. For example, contact with cleaning agents and water, long term can be very harmful to the protective properties of the skin. Also, the use of soap or cleaning gels with too high pH-values are extremely stressful for the natural lipid barrier of the skin.


excessive skin care


These irritating factors and effects can have the following effects:

  • An imbalance of the pH of the skin is caused and skin problems of a variety of ways may arise.
  • The conservation of the natural fats of the skin is attacked. These skin's own lipids are dissolved by surfactants and emulsifiers and rinsed from the skin, so to speak. Long term, a damaged skin protection barrier can no longer work properly and the skin's own defense system is weakened. Bacteria, germs and other annoying microorganisms can cause skin irritation.

The consequences of a damaged skin protection barrier

If you have an already disturbed skin barrier, further complications can occur without any measures for regeneration. The disturbed barrier can lead to the development of partially chronic and unpleasant skin symptoms, e.g.:

  • Itchy eczema
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Pimples and inflammation

    With the first signs of noticeable dryness and irritation of the skin, the cleansing routine previously performed so far should be considered. When inflammatory skin reactions, rosacea, acne or other painful skin symptoms occur, it is important to obtain medical advice.

How do I recognize that my skin barrier is damaged?

Begin to pay attention to the reaction of your skin when applying products. Do you feel dryness, sensitivity and a burning feeling? Try to observe whether other signs can be seen. The symptoms of a damaged skin barrier include:

  • Redness
  • Peeling of the skin, dry or flaky patches
  • Tension
  • Itching
  • Harsh or rough texture
  • Outbreaks (pimple, blackhead)

If you feel that these symptoms apply to you, then your skin is asking you to withdraw a step.


What can I do to repair my skin protection barrier?

  1. Try to avoid harsh cleansing products for quite a while.
  2. Reduce your routine to a simple and mild cleaning, a solid moisture supply, a minimum form of a care cream or an oil and sun protection.
  3. Give your skin a break from all types of peelings.
  4. Choose a gentle and mild cleanser that does not irritate your skin nor attacks your skin's barrier, yet cleanses it thoroughly.
  5. Use gentle and mild skin care that fits your basic skin type. Pay attention to the composition of ingredients with regard to comedogenicity, perfuming, potentially irritating ingredients, etc..

Do products for dry and sensitive skin help to reverse excessive skin care?

If you offer your skin the right conditions, the barrier will repair itself. To do so, the skin care that caused the damage is replaced by a more gentle and regenerative skin care. Try to find products that have the following properties:

  1. A pH near 5.5 (the acidity of healthy skin)
  2. Surfactants who have minimal interactions with skin fats and proteins
  3. Gentle emulsifiers in the cleaning product
  4. Skin-compatible moisturizing ingredients
  5. Slightly occlusive-acting lipids to prevent transepidermal water loss

It is important to know that the pH is a measure of the acidity of a water base substance. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A neutral pH is 7, while the pH of the skin is 5.5, so it’s slightly acidic. Each product used on the skin that has a pH under 4 or higher 7 on the scale can potentially lead to skin irritation. Oils have no pH because they contain no water.

A study by researchers of the dermatological service of Medical Faculty of Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico , for example, examined the relationship between care products for dry skin and skin irritation. The subjects of the study used common products for dry skin; At the end of the study, the group suffered from dryness and scaling after the application. The study shows that most products marketed for dry skin cause irritation. This is because they have either a very low pH of 2.7 or a very high pH of 12.3. This does not correspond to the acidity of the natural skin and leads to more inflammation in the skin.

The study shows how important the pH is in skin care products. Most users may not be aware of the ph-levels of the products in their shelf. This gives the risk of using unsuitable products and accordingly hurts unnoticed to their skin health.

The use of a product, with too high or too low pH, can therefore be more harm than good. It can especially impair skin condition if it is already in a very sensitive condition.

Look for products that are designed to support the health of the skin and to maintain the skin protection barrier. The Craft & Care Collection: all of our Lipid Glory products are  formulated as mild and gentle as possible and simultaneously caring and regenerating through effective active ingredients. All oils used, whether carrier or active ingredient oil, have plant origin and come from controlled organic farming. The water-based ingredients are all of herbal origin and are not obtained from palm oil. The preservation of the products is based on multifunctional ingredients that are antimicrobial in the product and on the skin and at the same time have moisturizing and skin care properties.

The complete set for dry, sensitive and mature skin is particularly useful to regenerate the skin and maintain its natural functionality. This minimal collection offers gentle cleaning, intensive moisture intake, regenerating and nourishing properties.

Advantages of the set for dry, sensitive skin to restore the skin barrier

This set contains four products that cover all needs, with a mild cleaning, intensive moisture supply and care and protection. The products focus on restoring and maintaining the skin barrier. This collection creates all the prerequisites for the skin to repair itself. At the same time, the regeneration capability of the skin is supported and the skin protection barrier is strengthened.


A gentle facial cleanse

The purpose of a cleaning product is to remove excess fat and sweat and in the evening makeup, dirt and sun protection are reliably solved. The mild and gentle cleansing Craft & Care Clay Cleanser is an ideal product because it has all these properties. It is also important that it has only minimal interactions with the lipids and proteins of the skin.

The cleanser offers a very mild cleansing experience. Mixed with water it develops into a milk with a pH of about 6. Kaolin Clay is one of the main components of the cleanser because its acid content is very close to the natural skin. It finds the middle ground between thorough cleansing and moisture care.

Through the combination of kaolin clay with organic oils, gentle emulsifiers and surfactants, this particular balance is achieved. A tiny amount of citric acid compensates for contact with water, as the pH is then increased by the mild collagen surfectant and the gentle emulsifiers, and converts the cleanser into a pH-friendly cleaning milk.


A balancing facial water

The purpose of facial water is confusing for many newcomers in the field of skin care. The confusion therefore stirs that not all toners (facial water) fulfill the same purpose. Some toners are used as an additional cleaning step removing the dirt that the detergent overlooked. Other toners serve to supply the skin with moisture and to compensate for the pH of the skin.

If you use a barrier-friendly and gently cleansing product, you do not need a cleansing facial water anymore. The Craft & Care Clay Cleanser is thorough enough to skip a cleansing facial water and instead use a balancing facial water. There is an immediate moisture supply. In addition, the product restores the pH balance of its outer skin barrier, which often falls into an imbalance by the use of tap water and cleansers with a high pH.


A moisturizing serum

If you reduce your skin care routine to a minimum, that does not mean that a serum needs to be dispensed. This serum. The CRAFT & CARE Care Hydrating Serum is a water-based product representing the part of the intense moisture care. It is absorbed quickly and at the same time has a pleasantly cooling effect that helps irritation. It does not stick and does not roll off, but leaves a soft and hydrated skin feel.

This serum is enriched with low and high molecular hyaluronic acid in addition to some moisturizers, also with low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and acts like a strong humectant. Its purpose is to pull moisture into the skin. In addition, the serum has antimicrobial properties reducing the risk of waking up with a new pimple every morning.


Care and protection

If you are worried about your skin barrier, you should consider taking a closer look at our beloved Glory Balm. The Lipid Glory intensive balm cares and regenerates. It prevents the loss of moisture of the skin with its fatty acid spectrum and is only slightly comedogenic, which is why it can be suitable for all skin types.

study shows how you can best restore the skin barrier. The researchers recommend skin care that contains both a humectant and an occlusive. Moisture means to draw water into the skin, while occlusive substances include this moisture. This combination prevents the water from evaporating.

The hydrating serum itself is an excellent source of humectant factors. In order to complete the duo, the Glory Balm is used. This balm consists of organic beeswax, which acts as an effective occlusive substance. If you have dry, irritated and mixed skin, this balm will change your skin care from scratch.

This set can be a corner pillar on the way to a healthy skin, especially for dehydrated and sensitive, dry skin. If you limit your skin care products to a few products that are tailored to the needs of your skin, you may achieve fast results without having to opt for products with potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. Even for more mature skin, the set is well suited. It supports the regeneration ability, the cell division of the skin, which provides a fresher and supple look.


Frequently asked questions

How many skin care products should be used?

With an irritated skin condition, you should limit yourself to the essentials. A gentle cleaning product, a trustworthy moisturizer and a light protection factor are sufficient as a basis. You can add more moisturizing agents like a toner and serum. 3 to 6 products are more than enough.

Can the use of many facial products lead to breakouts?

Yes. Too many products with aggressive or irritating ingredients can disturb the skin's own lipids and proteins. This can not only lead to outbreaks, but also lead to other skin diseases such as eczema, rosacea and skin irritation.

Depending on the skin type and present circumstances, one can expect a cell renewal of the skin within approximately 45 days.

Should I omit all skin care products and leave my face alone?

No, that would be counterproductive. Some skin care products are essential. E.g. if you go into the sun without a light protection factor, the skin is damaged. Instead of dispensing with skin care products, you should prefer to select a few gentle products that are suitable for your skin and that you trust, because you know and question yourself.

The Craft & Care solution: Lipid Glory

The Lipid Glory p.u.r.e. Collection offers a variety of cold-pressed organic oils , which are gently processed making sure that all nutrients of the oils are preserved. The selection of pure botanical oils includes argan oil, apricot kernel oil, almond oil and jojoba oil. Each oil has specific properties aiming at specific skin and hair problems.


skin type


Argan oil

all skin types

  • helps with slight inflammation
  • increases the elasticity of the skin
  • improves hydration
  • represents the skin barrier

Jojoba oil

greasy and sensitive skin

  • helps with restoring disturbed skin barriers
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • humectants

Almond oil

dry skin

  • improves complexion and skin tone
  • can mitigate some UV damage
  • helps with eczema
  • prevents the water loss of the skin

Apricot oil

sensitive and irritated skin

  • mild and light
  • soothing
  • prevents the water loss of the skin

The light and gentle nature of the oils makes the oils perfect for sensitive skin. These oils have a supportive effect on skin function, and some of them are able to help restore the skin barrier.

If you have greasy or normal skin, the Craft & Care set for all skin types is an ideal solution. The set covers all needs of your skin with its night and day oil. Add a light protection factor 50+ to the set, and you are perfectly positioned!

For questions about the subject of excessive skin care or skin protection barrier, we look forward to your contact. Write us an e-mail or use our contact form.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with the Lipid Glory products, relaxing well-being moments and patience and gratitude with your skin.

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