The care of stretch marks with almond oil

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Take care of stretch marks with almond oil

Almond oil is one of the most popular and beneficial oils that nature has to offer. Almond oil is included as an active ingredient in many products that cover the entire care routine: shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions and much more. Rightly so, because almond oil, even used pure, has many beneficial properties for the skin and is very compatible, even for the most sensitive skin.

This oil is known as a natural moisturizer with regenerating and intensely nourishing properties, which maintains the health and natural glow of dry and sensitive skin, and is therefore recommended for certain skin conditions. It also acts as a stimulant for cell renewal and as a non-irritant that helps treat minor wounds and scars. In pregnancy, it is recommended for the treatment of stretch marks, moisture loss, swelling and more because of its gentle properties in contact with the dermis.

The oil extracted from sweet almonds is rich in vitamins A, E, Omega 3 and 6, as well as various minerals that have nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing properties. The fatty acids of almond oil act as natural emollients for the skin and keep it supple. Almond oil for external use is especially recommended for sensitive skin to treat minor wounds and cuts to improve the healing process, revitalize the skin healthy without affecting its natural glow, and even out the complexion.

The regular use of almond oil during pregnancy can be beneficial in many ways:

    • As a stimulant for cellular regeneration, it promotes skin elasticity and evenness, especially in areas with stretch marks.
    • Almond oil is an emollient, which means that it protects, moisturizes and maintains the water content of the skin, counteracting various signs: Weight gain causes the skin to expand, which can lead to dryness, broken collagen fibers, itching and tight skin.
    • Pregnancy increases the production of the hormone that stimulates the production of melanin (pigment that gives color to the skin, hair, etc.). In some pregnancies, this can increase pigmentation in areas such as the crotch, joints, linea alba (from the belly button to the pubic bone) and darkening of previous times. Almond oil in this case has the property to unify the skin tone and at the same time provide protection.

This oil is obtained by pressing or grinding the sweet almond kernels and refined by heat or chemical solvents. There is also cold-pressed almond oil, which is extracted at low temperature and without the use of chemicals such as solvents, which makes the skin treatment even gentler.

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Almond oil for stretch marks in pregnancy

Pregnancy marks or striae gravidarum are stretch marks that develop specifically during pregnancy and are caused by the stretching of the skin due to the constant growth of the abdomen. They often appear in the abdominal area, on the hips and on the chest. Although they are not medically dangerous, stretch marks are a change in the skin that can cause stress and discomfort. They begin as pink, sometimes edematous lesions and can even be itchy.

There is a wide range of recommendations to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, accompanied by regular care during and after pregnancy to both prevent the appearance of new streaks and reduce the development of existing ones.

The soothing effect of almond oil prevents cracks and inflammation and relieves the frequent itching that occurs during pregnancy on the tight skin of the abdomen. It is also known to even out skin tone, refine the complexion and provide a natural radiance.

It also provides essential nutrients for skin care and treatment of stretch marks and other conditions that may occur during pregnancy through components that maintain elasticity, natural radiance and moisture:



Vitamin A

Stimulates skin cell regeneration and prevents aging, leaving skin smoother and more radiant

Vitamin E

Prevents cell damage to the skin caused by environmental substances

Oleic acid

It occurs naturally in the skin and promotes the formation of scars

Palmitic acid

Nourishes mature skin as a natural protection against environmental influences


Regulates acne, eliminates rashes and inflammatory conditions


Stretch marks in pregnancy - why should we prevent them?

Tension marks have mainly a genetic background, but their origin lies in a sudden increase in body mass, which, due to stretching, causes marks on the skin in the form of bright, whitish or pinkish lines. They are usually painless, but if not treated in time, the marks can be permanent.

The skin is prone to stretch marks if such changes occur and it is not taken care of. Dry skin with little elasticity becomes brittle and is more likely to react to physical changes than skin that is kept supple. Providing moisture and nourishing oils or creams can provide this necessary maintenance of elasticity.

Stretch marks are caused by abrupt or prolonged stretching of the skin, which leads to a break in the elastic collagen fibers in the skin and can result from rapid growth, hormonal changes, or genetic predisposition.

According to the article, "Stretch marks during pregnancy: a review of topical prevention"published in the British Journal of Dermatology, up to 90% of women are affected by stretch marks, which typically appear on the abdomen and breasts in the second or third trimester.

Although they are not a serious medical problem, it is common for the appearance of stretch marks to cause discomfort and affect self-esteem, as they are an aesthetic problem. The way we perceive our skin is inevitably intertwined with the way we perceive ourselves as a whole.

At CRAFT & CARE, our mission is to promote the idea of self-care as a path to acceptance. It's about learning to be kind to our skin and take care of it both internally and externally, without comparing ourselves to others or forcing a stereotype of what is considered perfect.

Our skin is our most important expression, it is the way we present ourselves to the world. That's why it's so important to build a healthy self-love by accepting our uniqueness and focusing on our well-being. Our skin deserves gratitude and patience because it does extraordinary things and is continually changing, sometimes to our satisfaction and sometimes not so much, but the condition of our skin never defines our self-worth. With or without "skin problems" we are lovable and complete.




Organic almond oil as skin care during pregnancy

Our organic almond oil from LIPID GLORY skincare line is rich in vitamins A and E, which stimulate skin repair and smoothing. It is recommended to massage the oil on areas prone to stretch marks, such as hips, abdomen and breasts. The application of almond oil together with a gentle massage increases the stimulation of blood circulation. Because the oil absorbs quickly and feels comfortable, it can be incorporated into your daily skin care routine for best results.

Almond oil is a natural stimulant for cell regeneration and therefore improves the healing process, evens out skin tone and conditions the skin. Stretch marks are scar-like appearances that result from broken collagen fibers. By taking care of your skin while moisturizing it, stretch marks and scars can be alleviated, prevented and even avoided altogether with proper skin care.

Thanks to the fatty acids contained in the LIPID GLORY organic almond oil, it has the unique ability to quickly and deeply penetrate the skin, is very well tolerated, gives elasticity and a natural glow.

During pregnancy, you experience many changes on the inside and outside of your body, and holistic care is as much about what happens on the inside as it is about how it is reflected on the outside. Taking care of your skin so it feels good, and building a healthy pregnancy with balanced nutrition, wellness-focused care routines, and knowing what habits bring about positivity during this time are key to an enjoyable pregnancy experience.

The ideal beauty routine during pregnancy

Building a skin-friendly routine for the entire pregnancy is important for self-care.A regular use of emollient products is the most important measure against stretch marks, both their formation and their treatment. Care with LIPID GLORY organic almond oil can be very well complemented with a moisturizing water-based care. Before using an oil, the skin can be sprayed, for example, with our Balancing Toner. Oils absorb better on damp skin and it is moisturized.

The pure water-based Balancing Toner leaves skin feeling pleasantly light, deeply moisturizes and can be included as a first step in a day or night care routine during pregnancy, as it is a gentle product that can be easily integrated into the routine.Preparing the skin with a moisturizing water-based product improves the absorption of the almond oil and provides a comprehensive and high protection against loss of elasticity.

It is recommended to spray the moisturizing toner after showering to first prepare the skin and then apply the almond oil, balm or cream to maintain a clean and fresh feeling throughout the routine. The toner provides a light and fresh feeling, so it can be included in the morning care routine. After the moisturizing spray, any care (cream, oil, etc.) is better absorbed.To combine both products, it is also sufficient to simply mix a small amount of the toner together with a few drops of the oil in the palm of your hand and then gently massage into the skin.


During pregnancy, the skin tends to change and becomes sensitive due to hormonal changes. In addition, almond oil has the advantage of being a gentle cleanser. For sensitive skin, the oils act as natural cleansers that remove dirt without causing unnecessary irritation by gently cleansing the skin with warm, damp cloths.

What other aspects of pregnancy can almond oil help with?

Pregnancy is a complete change for the female body. All the hormonal and physiological changes that take place inside are reflected on the outside. During pregnancy, swollen feet, dry lips, changes in complexion (increased sebum or dryness), etc. are normal. Thanks to the many properties of the components of almond oil, it has an extensive list of skin care benefits.

Almond oil for skin care

  • Almond oil stimulates cell division in the dermis and can be used regularly to prevent stretch marks and improve the healing process
  • Almond oil helps reduce acne and is used as a gentle treatment for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It can be used as a natural, non-irritating cleanser that preserves shine and moisture while removing dirt.
  • It is rich in vitamin E, which makes it a high-quality antioxidant that protects the skin from sun exposure.
  • Almond oil has the property of being emollient, which means that it keeps the skin moisturized while protecting it.

During and after pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate, which directly affects hair growth. During pregnancy, estrogen levels increase, which makes hair look stronger and grow more luminous. However, immediately after birth, estrogen levels decrease and progesterone levels increase, which leads to hair loss.

The nourishing properties of almond oil also extend to hair care; almond oil helps with dry, brittle hair, split ends or itchy scalp by regulating the moisture balance through fatty acids. Massaging the scalp with a few drops of almond oil promotes blood circulation while providing vitamins and nutrients that support healthy hair growth.

Organic almond oil not only nourishes hair and skin, but also nails, lips and much more:

Benefits of almond oil for nails, lips and more

  • Improves the care of eyelashes and eyebrows, stimulates growth, provides elasticity and fullness with prolonged use.
  • It is an effective oil for nails by strengthening the growth of a supple cuticle.
  • Almond oil can be incorporated into a nighttime skin care routine as a moisturizer for the lips. The application of almond oil can repair dry or chapped lips caused by either environmental factors or pre-existing conditions.
  • If you add a few drops of almond oil to your day or night cream or lotions, your skin will get an extra dose of emollient care.

Another common sign during pregnancy is swelling of the ankles, joints such as knees or wrists. Massage with organic almond oil promotes blood circulation in these areas and, as a natural oil containing zinc, has the property of having an anti-inflammatory effect.


Extra: Argan oil as a supplement to skin care during pregnancy

Argan oil contains components that stimulate cell regeneration, vitamins and fatty acids that have a positive effect on the radiance of the complexion and the treatment of stretch marks. Fine lines, pores and skin spots are reduced in the long term, while protecting the skin from drying. In addition, argan oil has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect by regulating sebum production.

Argan oil comes from organic farming and is gently cold pressed. It is rich in vitamin E, phytosterols and fatty acids that protect the skin from harmful environmental influences and have regenerative and antioxidant properties.

It is suitable for all skin types, mature skin as well as dry, oily or blemished skin. Since it is a very popular oil, argan oil is often found mixed with other oils on the market. At CRAFT & CARE, however, we guarantee high quality through organic cultivation, free of pesticides and toxic care substances. You can also use the argan oil alternately with the almond oil for your care routine, or mix both oils together in the palm of your hand.

Find out more about our organic argan oil.

Our Sensitive Balm with almond oil and beeswax as intensive extra care during pregnancy

Our Sensitive Balm from the LIPID GLORY line also contains our valuable organic almond oil. In addition, it contains the very well tolerated ingredients organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax and vitamin E. Together, this combination has an intensively nourishing, refatting and protective effect. All ingredients are very compatible and are ideal for caring for irritated and very sensitive skin and keeping it supple. The balm has light cooling and soothing properties and protects against moisture loss. It can be used on the face and body and is also perfectly suitable as care for the delicate skin of babies. The balm is also mild enough to use on the eye area and it restores softness and suppleness to the lips.

If you have any questions about skin care during pregnancy, feel free to drop us a line. We wish you lots of relaxation and patience with your skin. Stretch marks tell a story, and they are part of us, either pronounced or less so - but taking care of the skin areas is basically a beneficial part of our skin care routine. And regardless, stretch marks do not define our worth!

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