Produktbild Hydrating Serum
Frau gibt Hydrating Serum in ihre Hand
Hydrating Serum steht auf Waschbecken
Frau gibt einen Pumpstoß Hydrating Serum in Hand
Frau gibt Hydrating Serum in ihre Hand
Produktbild Hydrating Serum
Frau gibt Hydrating Serum in ihre Hand
Hydrating Serum steht auf Waschbecken
Frau gibt einen Pumpstoß Hydrating Serum in Hand
Frau gibt Hydrating Serum in ihre Hand

Hydrating Serum

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The hydrating serum is an intensely moisturizing serum without any oil on a pure water base. It absorbs quickly, does not roll off and leaves a pleasant, hydrated and light skin feel.

This hydrating serum has antimicrobial properties and is cooling and soothing. In particular, skin that tends to acne, impurities or pimples, the hydrating serum will be very well tolerated.

It is suitable for all other skin types and is a good preparation of the skin for subsequent products. It contains low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and other high-quality water-binding and storing ingredients. The Hydrating Serum can be excellently mixed with other oils to an individual emulsion.

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Intensive moisture for a functional skin protection barrier.

Absorbs quickly

This moisturizing serum is so lightly formulated that it is absorbed very quickly without rolling off. This perfectly prepares the skin for subsequent care, such as an oil serum, moisturizer or sunscreen. The serum can also be used very well in combination with other products and active ingredients as a supplement to a care routine.


The contained low and high molecular hyaluronic acid and glycerin, provide intensive moisturization. The serum leaves the skin feeling noticeably pleasant, fresh and light after application.

Supports the skin barrier

The ingredients Pentylene Glycol and Glycerin have very moisturizing and retaining properties. The combination of active ingredients in Hydrating Serum supports the skin barrier while providing antimicrobial properties.


The very light Hydrating Serum provides intensive moisture and helps the skin to store it. Thus, the serum increases the elasticity of the skin and makes it softer, smoother and more resistant.


Hydrating Serum

For all skin types

Free from perfumes

Gentle to your skin


Hydrating Serum

Handmade with love

Plantbased ingredients



Our Hydrating Serum is simple and economical for a quick skincare routine

The serum is placed in the palm of the hand and should not be sprayed directly onto the face.

The gel-like texture is applied to the face, neck and décolleté with the hands and gently massaged in.


Hydrating Serum is a mild water-based moisturizer and is suitable for all skin types.

The Hydrating Serum as moisturizing basic care

To take full advantage of the serum's hydrating properties, apply daily in the morning and evening directly after cleansing to the face, neck and décolleté. Simply put a small amount in the palm of your hand, rub and massage directly into the skin.

As a treatment

If the skin feels very dry or tight, the serum applied a little richer is a soothing and cooling relief. Allow to absorb completely and then continue to nourish with an oil, balm or cream.

Transepidermal water loss

In addition to a water-based serum, it is important to add lipids to the skin. Depending on the type of oil and the respective composition of different lipids, you can reduce the transepidermal water loss of the skin and thus promote the retention of moisture in the skin.

After the Hydrating Serum, any further care is better absorbed, as a moisturized skin is much more permeable to thicker care products, such as an oil serum or a balm. The skin's natural barrier layer absolutely needs moisture and lipids to function. Miraculously, you can rebalance a disturbed skin barrier with a coordinated care regimen.

LIPID GLORY contains intensively caring, protecting and regenerating lipids rich in nutrients and antioxidants, e.g. in the Intensive Balm or in the Night Oil. All plant oils used are cold-pressed and come from controlled organic cultivation.

Mix your individual emulsion

The moisturizing serum combines with the day and night oil in seconds to form a spontaneous emulsion. Emulsions can be handy in some skincare routines because, depending on the consistency, they absorb faster and leave a different finish. With the Hydrating Serum in combination with the Night or Day Oil, you can decide for yourself how light or how rich you want your fluid, lotion or cream to be. Mix yourself, according to your individual needs, a fresh emulsion, completely without emulsifiers, additional preservatives, gel formers or stabilizers.

A small, arbitrary amount of the serum is mixed with a few drops of oil, in the palm of the hand with quick and circular fingers, to form an emulsion and then gently massaged in. Before that, the skin can be prepared with the moisturizing and balancing Balancing Toner. The Hydrating Serum itself can also provide an extra moisture booster before applying the emulsion.


What moisturizing ingredients, oils, emulsifiers and surfactants are included in Clay Cleanser?


Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin*, Pentylene Glycol**, Glyceryl Caprylate***, Sodium Hyaluronate****, Potassium Sorbate.

*vegan & GMO-free, **Ecocert & Cosmos, ***Ecocert & vegan, ****Ecocert (high and low molecular hyaluronic acid)

HYALURONIC ACID low molecular weight

Molecule size of 50 kD (kilo Dalton). Absorbs deeply into the skin and provides hydration of connective tissue. The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid stores water in the skin for a long time. Wrinkles are reduced and skin texture smoothed. Overall, it helps to increase elasticity and tone.

HYALURONIC ACID high molecular weight

Molecule size of 1500 kD (kilo Dalton). Cannot penetrate the skin barrier as deeply, but has a rapid optical plumping effect and promotes elasticity. This form of hyaluronic acid has anti-inflammatory, nourishing and cooling properties.

As an ingredient, also called INCI, both forms of hyaluronic acid are declared as 'Sodium Hyaluronate'.

The Hydrating Serum contains 0.3% low-molecular hyaluronic acid and 0.3% high-molecular hyaluronic acid. This concentration of active ingredients is ideal for daily use and is sufficiently effective. Too high a concentration can have a counterproductive effect, since hyaluronic acid can bind many times more water to itself and attracts moisture at all costs. If there is too much hyaluronic acid in a care product, there is a risk that the hyaluronic acid molecules will help themselves to the water stores in the skin and not to the water already contained in the product or available in the ambient air.


Glyceryl Caprylate has a moisturizing, moisture-regulating and antimicrobial spectrum of action. Furthermore, Glyceryl Caprylate is very skin-friendly. It moisturizes and makes the skin smooth and supple.

The intense antimicrobial effect can help and support in a care routine for acne.


Potassium sorbate, also known as potassium sorbate, is considered a harmless and very skin-friendly preservative in the field of cosmetics and food. It is effective against the colonization of yeast and mold fungi and is broken down into water and carbon dioxide during metabolism in the organism.


Glycerin is an intensively hydrating active ingredient and binds many times more water to itself. It is a skin-own component of the acid mantle very well tolerated. Glycerin acts as a penetration promoter and thus helps moisture to be transported into the skin. Depending on the dosage, glycerin provides intensive moisture without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin. Glycerin soothes irritations, strengthens the skin barrier and protects against external environmental influences.


Carrier and key ingredient for a moisturizing serum.


Pentylene glycol is an ingredient with multifunctional properties. In the product and on the skin, it prevents the formation and growth of microbial organisms, such as germs, bacteria and yeasts. It is well-founded as a preservative and at the same time can increase the effectiveness of other active ingredients. As a polyhydric alcohol, Pentylene Glycol can bind water to itself, thus ensuring the transport of moisture into the skin and providing intense moisturization. This is not a classic alcohol molecule, but a bivalent alcohol, also called a diol. Even with high doses of this active ingredient, there is no dehydration of the skin, but a reliable supply of sufficient moisture.


The benefits of the Hydrating Serum at a glance

Hydrating Serum is a light, hydrating, water-based care with a preservation system consisting of multifunctional active ingredients.

These have an antimicrobial effect in the product and on the skin, while also intensively moisturizing the skin and strengthening the skin's protective barrier.

The serum brings many useful properties to any skin care routine.

  • Treat yourself to a booster for an extra dose of moisture with two or three squirts of the serum before using other thicker products, like an oil or moisturizer.
  • Quickly mix an emulsion and decide for yourself how much moisture and oil you want to combine. Go for a light fluid or a protective, slightly richer lotion. Address the changing needs in your daily skincare routine.
  • Due to the mild and very compatible formulation, the Hydrating Serum can also be used as eye care. It provides intensive moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes and is non-irritating. The skin is protected and cared for and is more elastic due to an adequate supply of moisture. Fine lines and wrinkles can be softened or inhibited in their formation, are...

The skin-friendly active ingredients used have highly effective antimicrobial properties and strengthen and protect the skin's protective barrier. Dull skin regains its radiance.

For dehydrated, dry and flaky skin, the Hydrating Serum can quickly provide a more beautiful and fresher complexion. The skin's moisture stores are replenished, figuratively speaking, and any mild inflammatory processes are alleviated.

The Hydrating Serum is oil-free and has a comedogenicity level of 0. It is very well tolerated by oily and blemished skin prone to acne. Pimples can be prevented in your formation and existing impurities subside faster.

The serum has a pleasant slightly gel-like, clear texture and leaves the skin feeling very soft and carefree. It is completely absorbed, does not roll off and is not sticky in any way.


Possible applications in the daily care routine

Daily routine

The LIPID GLORY moisturizing serum offers further application possibilities as intensive care in the daily care routine.

The Hydrating Serum as a moisture booster

The absorption capacity of oils, balms and moisturizers is supported and facilitated if the skin is previously provided with moisturizers. The Hydrating Serum prepares the skin perfectly. A well moisturized skin is more permeable for subsequent active ingredients and allows further products to penetrate the skin much faster.

SOS help for dry hair

For acutely very dry hair, Hydrating Serum can also temporarily restore flyaway hair, dry ends and sallow lengths, quickly smooth and shiny.
To do this, gradually distribute the necessary amount of serum in the palms of the hands and apply as evenly as possible into the hair.

As intensive care for hair and scalp

For flaky and itchy scalp, some moisturizing serum can be massaged into the scalp. The antimicrobial and moisturizing ingredients can have a regulating effect there, relieve itching and prevent the smallest inflammations or eczema on the scalp. The serum is completely absorbed into the scalp and leaves no stringy hair.

Hydration overnight

Even in the evening routine, the serum can bring its effect to bear. Through a subsequent, moisturizing product, the moisture, and the skin protective barrier protecting active ingredients, are kept in the skin. It is maintained and kept supple and can recover for the next day.

Care before sun protection

The Hydrating Serum can be integrated into the morning routine as a daily step. Since it is absorbed very quickly, subsequent products can be applied directly. Oils are absorbed faster, sunscreen does not roll off and foundation can be applied very well on the hydrated skin.


Overall, the ingredients in Hydrating Serum are considered to be very tolerable for the skin. However, before using the product, one should consider the following points:

A patch test on a small area of skin on the forearm can show if there is a possible reaction with irritation before it is used on the face. If the skin does not react with redness, pustules, swelling or other irritations after a few hours, the serum can also be used on other skin areas.

If you have any questions about our moisturizing serum, we would be happy to hear from you. Write us an e-mail or use our contact form.

We wish you much joy in caring for your skin with the Hydrating Serum, relaxing feel-good moments and patience and gratitude with your skin.