Meditation - essential part of a holistic well-being routine

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Meditation reassures the mind and reduces stress

Who meditates in the morning, goes calm through the day. Because a relaxed mind reacts to environmental stimuli and stressors much unimpressed. Who seeks internal balance and wants to feel comfortable in one's own skin, should learn to meditate. Whether autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation or other guided meditations - for everyone there is a relaxation technique that fits it.

And no, meditating daily does not have to look like it does in beautiful pictures. You do not have to relax in the sunset positioned on a rock in the cutter seat, or in a perfectly furnished living room with candle light and background noise of sound bowls. You can do that of course, but usually this is not suitable for everyday use. I meditate, mostly in the morning or at noon, sometimes in pajamas, in cozy cuddle clothes or sometimes in sweater and jeans, if it has to go fast.

Mostly I put myself on the couch or bed and to prevent myself from being cold I pull on extra thick socks and pull a blanket over my shoulders. With time you can find your own rhythm and know if you prefer to relax in a lying position or sitting.


Meditation has nothing to do with perfection. But with concentration on the simple one. Meditation helps you feel more comfortable in your skin. Just start and look forward to a little progress!




Autogenic training

Here we focus on the basic exercise of autogenic training. The autogenic training meditation is an easy-to-learn relaxation technique.

When practicing autogenic training you will be led over the concentration on its body and breath into a conscious, physical and mental relaxation. The technique is easy to implement. You can do it in the loungers or seats. During autogenic training, the conscious, mental relaxation takes place due to auto suggestion. You can let yourself be guided by voice, but the meditative state itself is generated only by your concentration on a conscious relaxation.


Bright light meditation

The bright light meditation complements the autogenic training method wonderfully. It can be done with a guide. In light meditation, you use the idea of ​​the radiant and warming effect of a bright and warm light for your relaxation. For example, you imagine how a small light from the center of your belly grows into a radiant light ball and fulfills you with warmth and well-being. You suggest how the healing effect of light penetrates each cell of your body and how your complaints or pain are progressed. In a light meditation, rational thinking is not important to the question of working. You simply let yourself sink in the state of relaxation.


Meditation with affirmations

Another addition of the autogenic training are affirmations. Affirmations are positively formulated phrases that are absorbed by the subconscious mind in a deep relaxation. Fears, doubts and worries can be influenced in the long term during a relaxation exercise for the positive or completely disappear. There are many audio tapes that lead through such meditations. They are suitable for smoking cessation, against different types of anxiety and other deep-seated mental blockades.


Lower stress levels

Our everyday life is full of worries, duties, recreational stress and many chaotic thoughts. Perseverance and sufficient sleep sometimes are not enough to withstand the stressful requirements. In stress situations, the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are distributed regularly.


The meditative state of mind

The meditative state differs from that of sleeping. The state of mind in meditation is more like a pleasant silence without consciously thinking. You will notice progress in meditating, when you suddenly stop following your thoughts deliberately and when the mind relaxes as deeply as the body relaxes.

One feels much more cleared up after a deep meditation than after the morning wake up or an afternoon nap. And that's exactly this tidy feeling, that eases your mind and causes a calm nature. Our reflection - already after a brief relaxation exercise - looks recovered and fresher. You come back clear minded and can devote yourself to the further course of the day. But the decisive, essential difference to sleep is that one reacts so much more calmly and composedly to all sorts of stressors after a meditation. Regular meditation can contribute to peace in us and we will recover holistically. And last but not least, meditation has an advantageous effect on the condition of our skin.

"Learning to meditate is the biggest gift you can do to yourself in this life."


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