Moringa Oil - a very beneficial oil for your skin

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Moringa Oil - a very beneficial oil for your skin

Moringa oil is a typical component in Eastern traditional medicine. Recently, it has become a popular skincare ingredient due to having alleged anti-inflammatory and healing properties. However, there is no evidence to back up such claims, and the actual effects of this oil on the skin are unknown. 

What is Moringa Oil? 

Moringa has a long history of use as a medicinal herb. It has been part of Indian medicine since 2,000 BC and was also used by the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Its leaves can be used to make tea, and the oil from the seeds is used to make lotions and perfumes. Today, it is also used to purify water.

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds. The seeds have a shell protecting the kernel and containing about 40% oil by weight. The most common method to obtain it is compressing the seeds with a screw press.


Moringa tree


What should you know about moringa oil?

Moringa oil is rich in oleic acid and fatty acids, omega 3, and vitamins A, C, and E. It has alleged anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and for that reason, it might help prevent acne. It’s suitable for most skin types, except for oily skin, and it’s safe to use it twice a day. 

It’s better to use moringa oil with moisturizers and balms, but it also works well with most products. 

Benefits of Moringa Oil Skin 

  • Moisturizing: Moringa oil is considered an effective moisturizer and could be suitable for treating dry and sensitive skin. 
  • Cleansing: thanks to its high oleic acid content, moringa oil can be used as a facial cleanser.
  • Healing: according to a study published in Advances in Traditional Medicine, moringa oil can also be used to heal scrapes, cuts, and burns.
  • It might help with acne: according to a study published in Lipids in Health and Disease, moringa oil has anti-inflammatory properties capable of clearing the skin and fighting possible acne breakouts. 
  • It provides luminosity: its rapid absorption might increase luminosity and rejuvenates dull, tired, and aged skin.

Side-effects of Moringa Oil Skin

There has not been enough research regarding the possible effects of moringa oil.  Therefore, it is unknown exactly what it might do to the skin. However, it’s considered miraculous in folk medicine and relatively safe.

Moringa oil might cause allergic reactions, so trying a patch test is recommended before using this oil topically. 

How to Use It

Moringa oil can be used alone for the hair or as a moisturizer for the skin. But it’s common to combine it with other ingredients. 

For example, this oil should be applied to a clean face with the help of cotton balls. Spread it well where you want to fight acne and wrinkles. Once you finish its application, use your moisturizer.

Moringa oil is safe to use twice a day in tiny drops. It can also be used to cook.

Our recommendations

Moringa oil could have a long history in traditional medicine, but most of its benefits require more research. There is not enough evidence for its actual effects on the skin, and its supposed favorable properties are unproven. 

We recommend you to use ingredients with proven benefits instead:

moringa oil skin care oil

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