What is Azulene Oil?

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What is Azulene Oil?

Azulene oil is a botanical, essential oil derived from steam distillation processes of chamomile, tansy, or yarrow flowers. It’s naturally blue-colored and rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory benefits make it a skin-soothing choice. Therefore, you'll often see azulene in both professional and at-home products meant for care after waxing or shaving.




Things You Should Know About Azulene Oil

Azulene is a botanical, essential oil that may soothe and reduce redness and inflammation. It's also moisturizing, enhances skin barrier function, and has antibacterial properties.

Skincare brands include azulene in sensitive skincare products, as it can be non-irritating and calming. Also, it may help dry and aging skin retain moisture.

If you're allergic to chamomile flowers, or any other plants in the daisy family, you could react to azulene oil. Essential oils can cause noticeable adverse reactions on the skin despite having natural sources. The most reported is allergic contact dermatitis (ACD), a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction to allergens in sensitized individuals.

Azulene combines with other commonly used skin soothers, such as aloe and vitamin E. While it plays well with most ingredients, be cautious about products where it's mixed with multiple essential oils. These combinations increase the likelihood of an allergic reaction; many people are allergic to these oils.

What benefits can azulene oil have for your skin?

  • Anti-inflammatory: Azulene may calm various skin irritations. More specifically, bumps and redness after shaving or waxing while helping to ward off ingrown hairs. 
  • Moisturizes: Azulene oil enhances skin barrier function preventing transepidermal water loss. Still, because it absorbs quickly, it's considered a "dry oil" and doesn't leave behind an oily residue.
  • Antimicrobial: The anti-inflammatory benefits and azulene’s antimicrobial properties are why acne treatments can include this ingredient. However, there haven't been enough clinical studies backing up the benefits of azulene oil for acne.

The Craft & Care way

At Craft and Care, we believe in holistic care through organic products with scientifically proven benefits for the skin.

Therefore, we recommend our organic cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil for the gentle care of sensitive skin. It's one of the mildest basic oils in skincare, ideal for sensitive skin. And, delicate baby skin tolerates apricot kernel oil well. This organic oil can provide essential care benefits for sensitive skin:

    • It contains rich levels of oleic acid, providing a smoothing care effect and light skin feeling after application.
    • It can protect and nourish the skin against environmental influences.
    • High-quality organic apricot kernel oil can strengthen your natural skin protection barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss with its fatty acid spectrum.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil is non-allergenic and compatible with all skin types. 
  • We recommend choosing organic alternatives and safe elements for your care. Likewise, before including any new ingredient, it’s essential to consult with your trusted specialist.

    We wish you well-being, happiness, and good results in your routines.

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